NComputing Design anpassung

Druch den Weltweiten erfolg der NComputing Technologie im Desktop Virtualisierungsmarkt  mit den  Energiesparenden Client Arbeitsplätzen wurde von NComputing das Logo so wie das gesamte Auftreten im Oktober 2009 geändert.


Offizielle Mitteilung von NComputing:

The new reality of desktop computing

The future of desktop computing is here. With millions of daily users, NComputing has redefined the economics of desktop computing. With revolutionary low costs, we are transforming corporate IT and helping companies of all sizes survive and thrive. And we are bringing affordable computing to emerging markets for the very first time.

A new look for NComputing!
Our customers range from the smallest villages to the largest enterprises. Our products are installed in metal shacks in emerging markets and metal racks in datacenters. We offer the greenest computer on earth, and we complement and improve enterprise architectures. Never before has a single technology connected so many people at such a low cost.

  • NComputing green represents the earth: with feet planted firmly in reality, we aspire to close the digital divide.

  • NComputing blue represents depth, fidelity, and stability: our virtual desktops are already installed in over 140 countries and in some of the largest companies in the world.

  • NComputing makes connections affordable: we bring the internet to schoolchildren and we bring sustainable platforms to central headquarters and remote branch offices.

Winner of the Wall Street Journal’s Technology Innovation Award, NComputing, Inc. was founded with the goal of making desktop computing affordable for everyone.

NComputing slashes computing costs
Today’s computers are so powerful that only a small fraction of their capacity is required for the vast majority of applications. NComputing taps this unused capacity by enabling multiple simultaneous users to run their own applications for as little as US$70 per additional user. NComputing reduces hardware costs by 75% and maintenance costs by 75% so that organizations can quickly and affordably provide computing access to their users.

NComputing is the greenest computing solution on earth
NComputing access devices use as little as 1 watt of electricity (compared to 110 watts for a regular PC), saving 90% on electricity bills. They also drastically reduce e-waste because they are tiny (access devices only weigh 150 grams, compared to 9.6 kilograms for a PC), and because they last much longer than PCs.

NComputing makes sense everywhere
NComputing’s virtual desktops have been installed everywhere from home offices to large enterprises. They save money in schools and small businesses, slash maintenance calls in enterprises, provide security in hospitals, and withstand extreme conditions in factories.

NComputing dominates the desktop virtualization market
NComputing stands alone in the desktop virtualization market. Only NComputing has an end-to-end solution that includes the virtualization software, next-generation communications protocol, and low-cost access devices. For this reason, only NComputing can deliver virtual desktops for less than US$100 per seat. And only NComputing has broad market success, with over two million seats sold in over 140 countries.